35mm Cameras

Nikon F100
35mm AF SLR (1999-2011)

I am a Nikon guy and shoot all my digital work on Nikon bodies and lenses. The Nikon F100 seemed like a great option when I looked to go up in levels of film cameras. There were so many options out there for Nikon bodies but this was a steal so I had to snap it up. I love how this camera sounds and it does not disappoint in the image results. I am not a camera tech guy so I am not going to bore you with tech jargon about this camera, Ken Rockwell does a way better job than I could anyways, so If you are into all that whizz head over to Ken’s site where he goes into great depth about the awesome F100.


Michael Scorr Photography-0073

I recently shot a wedding in Mexico and managed to get this beauty out and about to photograph some of Mexico’s wanders, I will post the results when I get the film back from the lab.

Pentax K1000
35mm SLR (1976-1997)

This camera is an absolute workhorse, and a joy to shoot with. It is simple and easy to use a perfect camera for anyone wanting to start out in film. This was my first film camera and I use it still to this day. It feels great looks great and produces perfect images. I use it with the 50mm lens and love every time I take it out of the bag. Ken again goes into great detail on this camera, so please have a read and follow Ken’s reviews. s


Michael Scorr Photography-0099

Pentax MG
35mm AF SLR (1981-1984)

I received the Pentax MG as a birthday gift and as of this moment I have not tried it out. When I received it the battery was corroded so it was off to the docs for this little beauty. Again keep checking back as I hope to take it out for a spin this coming summer and will post the results here.

Michael Scorr Photography-0127

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